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On Imbuing Legendary Items

LotRO's Update 16: Ashes of Osgiliath brings not only a new region to the game, but a new LI system as well. This system, called "Imbuement" is designed to make your LIs grow as your character does, so no need to discard and rebuild every time the level cap rises. Whether this succeeded or not is not the subject I am covering today. This is a factual, picture-supported walkthrough of the new system, with the aim of informing players about the changes, enabling them to more easily make choices about their LIs.

There is something fundamentally important to understand about the imbuing system. The better your LI is before imbuing, the more IXP it will cost to trick out your item at the beginning. But this also means less cost in terms of other LI enhancements such as Scrolls of Empowerment, etc. Another thing that is important to understand is that an imbued LI will surpass the abilities of a non-imbued LI long before it is completely tricked out, and this can be done just by spending IXP.

Before you imbue your Legendary Item, you should first make sure that the item is at least level 30, so they have 6 legacies unlocked. If you imbue before the item is level 30, you can still obtain 6 (or even 7) legacies, but it will require a Crystal of Remembrance per legacy instead of having to use at most one Crystal if you just wait til level 30.

The next thing you should do is make sure your LI has the legacies you want on it. It is possible to change out legacies upon imbuement, but it requires a Legacy Replacement Scroll, so it's better to try and lock in your legacies before imbuement. OPTIONAL: use a scroll of Delving, level your item to 70, use 3 Star-lit Crystals and a Crystal of Remembrance to get your 7th legacy. None of these are necessary to imbue, but will make things less hectic for you at the beginning.

If you are happy with your LI's legacies, and are interested in imbuing your item, go to your vault and grab your IXP runes. You will need a lot, roughly 6-8 of the 938.000 runes per item to begin with. Examples shown are using a Loremaster Staff of the First Age, but all items work the same way.

The Forge-master is who you want to see in order to get this started. Talk to him and you'll notice he has a new option: Imbue Legendary Item. When you click on this, a new window will pop up that looks like this:
You can use the arrows to click through until you find the LI you wish to imbue. Once you have the correct LI selected, you can click imbue. This is the point of no return. You cannot un-imbue an item once it is imbued. The most you can do is destroy it, so be sure you are ready.

This is what you are looking at:
Let me explain this picture a bit.

1. Hasn't changed, that would be your LI's name and title.
2. The imbued LI's xp bar. The first number is the total amount of accumulated tiers thus far; the number on the right is the total possible (without adding any items). As you can see, this LI has a lot of room for IXP.
3. The xp bar for each legacy.
4. The number of accumulated/total possible tiers for your main legacy. On weapons, this is damage rating. On class items, it's whatever was at the top before (healing rating, incoming healing, etc.)
5. The number of accumulated/total possible tiers for all other legacies.
6. Looks like this weapon can still acquire one more legacy.
7. If you want to replace a legacy or disable this LI's ability to accumulate IXP, here's where you go.

Before continuing, let's compare the LI before and after imbuement, no points spent, no work put into either:

Now as you have probably noticed, some legacies have different numbers of possible tiers unlocked. If you mouse over the box you'll get
Current max tier refers to the current tier your LI can go to, and unlockable tiers tells you how many tiers are left to unlock before that legacy is capped. Each legacy's unlock total is determined by how good the LI was before imbuing. A Tier 1 legacy under the old system starts out at 1/25, meaning it can gain 25 tiers through IXP before another tier needs to be unlocked. You can unlock 10 tiers for a total of 35, all of which are filled by IXP. A tier 2 legacy starts at 1/26, etc., up to a tier 6 which starts at 1/30. If the LI has had a Scroll of Delving used on it, that unlocks a tier for every legacy, so all legacies move up one, meaning your Tier 6 legacy will start at 1/31.

The one that is different is your main legacy. This one starts out at 1/15, and can go up to tier 25 before capping. There are several things that affect the number you start with for your main legacy. If your LI was a Third Age, with no Star-lit Crystals or Scrolls of Delving, you start at 1/15 with 10 tiers to unlock. A Scroll of Delving brings it up 1, as do each Star-lit Crystal. A Second Age with no Star-lits or Scroll of Delving starts at tier 2/16, and a First Age starts at Tier 4/19 – the higher the age of the LI, the more tiers start unlocked. So yes, your Third Age can become as good as a First Age, with a little more work put in.

Here's what we get when we first start dumping IXP runes into the LI.
 As you can see, each legacy gets the same amount of XP. There is no way to shut off or disable an individual legacy from leveling. However, this also means you don't have to spend points on your LI. That's right, no more LI reset every time there's an update.

Now, I decided to add a Crystal of Remembrance to gain my 7th legacy. So I use my crystal and get

The list on the right is all the possible legacies I can put in that slot. Notice the lack of majors and minors: those no longer exist. If you wanted to put in the effort, you could make every single legacy a former major.

So, new legacy added
It starts out as though it was a Tier 1 legacy with no Scroll of Delving used. This is why it's important to use your Scroll of Delving after your legacies are all set, but if you don't all it costs you is some effort.

Ooooh, they turned silver! And the numbers say they're full! 

This means you have put as much IXP into your LI as you can without unlocking new tiers. So it'll be time to start unlocking tiers here in a moment. But first, let's replace a legacy. (Note: this is for demonstration purposes only! If you really want to replace a legacy, consider doing it earlier in the process.)

Get your Legacy Replacement Scroll (new item for this update; old legacy scrolls will NOT work on imbued items!), use it and you get
I'm replacing that Lightning Skills Critical Rating legacy. So I click on it, and then go to the list on the right to find what I'm looking for, then replace it. Now I have to dump IXP into the new legacy.
So the next thing I'm going to do is start unlocking tiers on legacies. For your main legacy, this is done using Star-lit Crystals. The old cap of 3 is lifted, you can use as many Star-lits as necessary. For the other legacies, this is done using Scrolls of Empowerment. I unlock all the tiers, add a liberal amount of IXP, and get
Ooooh look, now they're gold! That means they have reached their limit and I can do nothing more with those legacies. There's still the rest, though...

Well, let's look at the results here. Picture on the left is the LI with all the points dumped into it before imbuing. Picture on the right is the same LI after hitting the soft cap, before dumping any Star-lit Crystals or Scrolls of Empowerment in. 

As you can see, there's a fairly significant different in power, and that was obtained through IXP alone! You can improve your LI without spending a single mark, gold piece or TP. But of course you can go further if you wish!

Something to note: each legacy does indeed have a picture of a mithril coin next to it. Yes, you can unlock every last tier of every last legacy by using mithril coins, if you wish. Happily, you can also use ingame items to do the same thing. You can completely max out your LI without spending a single mithril coin or TP.

So very quickly here let's go over what ingame items work on these imbued LIs. Scrolls of Delving add a single unlocked tier to every legacy at once, but like before can only be used once per LI. Scrolls of Empowerment add a single unlocked tier to one legacy, like before, and have unlimited uses. Star-lit Crystals add a single unlocked tier to your main legacy, which is a bit like it worked before, but now they have unlimted uses instead of 3. Crystals of Rembrance still add a new legacy to your LI as before, up to 7 total legacies. So if you do accidentally imbue an item before it hits level 30, you can still get 7 legacies, but it'll cost you multiple Crystals of Remembrance. Your old legacy replacement scrolls no longer work; you will have to obtain a new item just added to the game called Legacy Replacement Scroll. Relics, titles and IXP all work like before and use the same items. 

Should you choose to use Mithril Coins, here's the cost for that.  To increase the tier of one legacy (Scroll of Empowerment), it's 29 Mithril Coins. To increase the main legacy (Star-lit Crystal) it is also 29 Mithril Coins. To unlock a new legacy (Crystal of Remembrance) it's 99 MC. Replacing a legacy (Legacy Replacement Scroll) will cost you 50 MC. Scroll of Delving is still 195 TP, and again can only be used once.

Questions? Come find me. I'll see what I can do to answer them.

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