Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trait Tree Points

If you're here, you probably know all about the trait trees. There are 82 total tree points available, as of Update 18.3 - here's how you get them all.

50 points come from leveling from 7-105, one point every two levels.

8 points come from your class skill deeds (Note: each skill deed is tied to a meta-deed, and there are 8 of these meta-deeds. So keep pounding away on those skills! This differs for each class, of course.)

3 points come from your 3 page-gathering deeds (the books you can pick up from your class trainer starting at level 39, that require you to go hunt for 8 pages each. Yes, these are still relevant!)

3 points come from various things in Moria. These include:
- 1 point for buying your book from the Iron Garrison Guards when you hit kindred.
- 1 point for completing your level 58 class quest (again, this differs for each class! Visit your trainer to obtain the quest!)
- 1 point for finishing the Moria epic questline up through all of Volume II Book 6 (Yes, this means you must finish 1-5 as well, and why wouldn't you? It opens up skirmishes which drop super nice stuff in skraid form!)

1 point from finishing your level 45/50 class quest (pick it up at level 45! This is the one that requires you to obtain all those trophies.)

5 for the quests that end each zone's respective questline in Western Rohan.Check your completed quest log for each of these.
- Kingstead: The Road to Dunharrow
- Eastfold: All Roads Lead Back to Aldburg
- Broadacres: The Broadacres Betrayed
- Stonedeans: Woodhurst Has Fallen
- Westfold: To Helm's Deep

4 for the quests that end each zone's respective questline in Central Gondor. Check your completed quest log for each of these.
- Ringlo Vale: A Ruthless End
- Dor-en-Ernil: Blood for Blood
- Lebennin: Sons of the Usurper
- Pelargir: Faltharan's Confrontation

1 for the end of the Vol IV Book 2 epic questline.

1 for finishing Chapter 4 of the Ashes and Stars questline in Osgiliath.

2 for finishing Vol IV Book 4 storyline.

2 for meta deeds in Old Anorien, Quests in Old Anorien and Deeds of Old Anorien.

2 points come from obtaining 100 and 200 promotion points, respectively, in Epic Battles.

Now, Beornings get a couple of their points in a different way. They don't get a book from Moria's Iron Garrison or a point for the Volume II Book 6 epic. However, they get 1 point each from their level 15 and 30 quests, respectively. 

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